Buying a plot of land is exciting because of the anticipation you may feel concerning what you plan to do with it.  During the purchasing process, you almost certainly will check for liens, as well as ensure that there are no squatters on the property that could later lay claim to it.  However, one piece that you may have overlooked is the need to have a land surveyor come out to survey the property.  This is a critical part of buying land because it can go a long way toward preventing any difficulties down the road.  Use this information to learn more about the importance of conducting a land survey before you sign on the dotted line.

You Deserve To Get What You've Paid For

The purpose of a land survey is to plot the lines of demarcation for the land that you are attempting to purchase.  This is vital because there may be discrepancies in your contract that list the square footage or acreage amount of your intended plot incorrectly. 

For example, you may believe that you are purchasing ten acres of land when the plot actually only includes eight.  This inaccuracy may only come to light when someone who owns a neighboring plot of land attempts to lay claim on the property that you thought was yours.

When you have a land survey conducted, your surveyor will carefully comb through county records to make sure that the amount of land listed in the contract is truly yours.  By having the land surveyor carefully measure your land area, you can be certain that you are getting exactly what you're paying for.

Land Surveys Are Important Legal Documents

After your land surveyor has mapped your property, they will give you a copy of final results which outlines where your property starts and ends.  This is an important legal document that can prove to be the very key that helps you protect your investment.

An example of this would be a land dispute.  If you are purchasing land from an individual who may be less than scrupulous, they may try to take you to court later on by saying that they had divided the land and you were only to be given a specific plot.  However, your land survey documents will be signed by a licensed surveyor and can serve as powerful proof that you actually paid for the entire piece of land.  You can even call in your surveyor as an expert witness who can testify on your behalf concerning the validity of your claims.

Conducting a land survey is a relatively small investment that could end up paying back huge dividends.  Before you buy your next piece of land, contact a qualified surveyor like Krause & Gantzer who can conduct a land survey as soon as possible.