Believe it or not, your dryer is one of the easiest appliances to repair in your home, and the truth is a few repairs could keep an old dryer running for several more years. Luckily, if your dryer falls into one of the following more common customer complaints, it's probably not time to get rid of your old workhorse dryer just yet.

If Your Dryer Stops Tumbling

This tends to be one of the easier problems to solve when your dryer starts to go south. If your dryer stops tumbling, the issue is more often than not a broken belt, idler pulley or drum motor. The first two of these problems are fairly easy to fix. Each involves taking the front plate off of the dryer and inspecting the appropriate part. A belt should have significant grip, and not be brittle, and if the belt is broken, this should be easy to spot and fix as well. The same goes for the pulley. If neither of these issues is clearly apparent, the issue might be the motor, which should only be tested by a trained professional. 

If Your Dryer Is Too Noisy

Dryer noise is always annoying, but can even be damaging your dryer to the point where an easy repair just won't cut it. This is the case if the drum rollers are damaged or worn out, as continuing to run your dryer under these conditions can damage the drum. Replacing all of the drum rollers is a fairly painless repair, and can save your dryer in the long run. Another common issue that results in a noisy dryer is a clogged blower wheel caused by a piece of lint or debris that got past the lint filter. To fix this problem, have the blower wheel replaced by a trained professional, as trying to fix it yourself can be dangerous and extremely time-consuming at the least. 

If Your Dryer Is Not Producing Heat

Believe it or not, this is not a terribly difficult problem to deal with, even though it is the main job for your dryer. To start, make sure that enough power is getting to your dryer by resetting the circuit breaker. If that doesn't work, try inspecting the heating element in your dryer. This will be fairly easy to identify even for a non-professional, though opening the dryer might prove difficult to access the heating element. If neither of these is the problem, then it is best to consult a professional about fixing the dryer. 

Good repairs are key to getting the most out of your appliances, and your dryer might just be the easiest appliance to repair yourself. This means that if you notice a problem with your dryer, consulting these tips before getting rid of your dryer could save you time and money. Call an appliance repair service, like Buckeye Appliance Service, to see if your dryer still has some life left in it.