If you are tired of seeing yellow spots, dead spots, or semi-green grass in your yard, then you probably just need to make a few changes to your lawn care. Here are 2 things you can do in order to make your lawn look greener.


First, one of the best ways to help your grass grow green is by providing healthy soil for the grass roots. If the soil is healthy, then the yard will thrive better as a whole because more insects and bugs will be attracted to the soil, and the soil will stay fertile.

In order to make your soil fertile without digging up the grass, you can lay mulch over the lawn at the beginning of spring before the grass has turned green. You can either buy or make mulch.

If you make mulch, then you will need to start several weeks ahead of time so that the mulch is properly broken down and ready to be used as fertilizer. In general, use things like bark, discarded fruits and vegetables, hay, leaves, and fruit peels.

All of these ingredients need to be kept in a barrel with a lid shut tight for a few weeks, and these ingredients will breakdown and turn into a healthy snack for your soil.


Second, winterizing is another key. You have to do this in the fall right at the end of the watering season. Winterizing is like fertilizing, but the difference is that winterizer will not make your grass look greener in the winter.

Instead, it will provide protection for your grass so that grub worms and other harmful insects do not gnaw away at the grass roots through the winter. You may be experiencing dead spots and yellowing because the grass roots are not deep in the ground, and they cannot properly absorb the nutrients needed when insects are eating away at the roots.

Just make sure that you winterize right at the end of the watering season, and put water on the lawn as soon as the fertilizer is on so that it does not burn the grass. When it comes time for spring, you can then use fertilizer, and your grass should perk right up so that it is ready for the summer.

By doing these 2 things, you can help your grass to grow green and beautiful, and it will not even take that much effort on your part.