Spring is the perfect time to start fresh, plant flowers and vegetables, and start working on your landscaping. Before spring hits, there are some things you should do in your yard to get ready. During the winter season, you probably experienced frost that was damaging to your plants. You may have also had heavy winds and rain that caused some dirt and debris. These tips will help you recover from the bad weather and get your yard ready for the spring season.

Clean Up Your Garden Beds

The garden beds should get special attention and care year-round, but especially just before the spring season. By starting on them early, you can help control the weeds and allow for new growth of perennials and various ornamental grasses. If you have mulch that covers your bare soil, do not remove it even during the winter. You want that there because it lets the good insects lay their eggs and provide pest control throughout your yard. Start pruning any ornamental grasses that remain, pull up weeds in the garden bed, and make more room for new growth.

Work On Your Hardscaping

Hardscaping in your yard includes any areas that have paving stones, gravel, rock, concrete, or other hard surfaces. This may be a rock garden, stone path, gravel border around your flowers or herb garden, or your patio. Hardscaping takes a big hit when the weather gets bad because dirt and mud causes the rocks and gravel to become dirty, not to mention any loose elements flying around the yard. Just before spring and after the inclement weather is over, you should start working on cleaning it up and moving stones and pavers to where they need to be.

Start Pruning

Another thing you should do to your garden to get ready for the spring season is start pruning. Prune your rose bushes, shrubs and trees near the end of winter. This allows you to remove any cold protection that is no longer needed and encourage fresh growth when the sun starts shining and you want to see new blooms. Pruning also lets you remove any dead stems and branches that might not have survived the frost. For thick branches, use a handsaw to remove an inch or less at the end.

Get Your Grass Ready

Finally, the spring is the perfect time to get beautiful, lush, green lawn again. In the winter, you might have had harsh temperatures, snow and ice, which wilts away and kills grass. In order to promote growth in the spring, start raking the grass that remains in the early spring season. This will help get rid of the dead leaves and grass, and promote fresh growth of grass. Talk to a professional like Green Acres for more information.