You can learn a lot of cleaning tips by turning on your television and watching some famous housekeepers. You can use these tips in your own home, and keep your house clean.

The Brady Bunch

Alice was the famous housekeeper on the Brady Bunch. She kept the house clean and in order even though there were eight people living in that house along with her. She was able to keep the house squeaky clean by keeping things picked up and in place throughout the day.

She set up a daily routine of cooking breakfast and cleaning it up, doing laundry, dusting, vacuuming, and more. She had a system set up, which would do well for everyone to follow. Having a routine like this and keeping everything in its place cuts down on your cleaning time, as you can head straight to cleaning instead of picking up the entire house first.

The Andy Griffith Show

If you have ever watched the classic The Andy Griffith Show, you saw Aunt Bea running around with an apron on and a dishtowel in her hand. She kept the house clean for Andy and his son Opie, and made sure they had a good breakfast each morning. As soon as they finished each meal, she would immediately clear the table, wash the dishes, dry them, and put them away. This is a good habit to get into, as dishes can really start to pile up if you do not wash them as you go. Of course, just about everyone now has a dishwasher, and Aunt Bea would likely have loved having one in her kitchen.

The Jetsons

The Jetsons became a very popular cartoon, and Rosie the maid was a favorite to many people. It would be nice having a robot for a maid who would never run out of energy. You saw Rosie with a feather duster in her "hand" constantly, as she was always running around cleaning things. Watch this fun cartoon, and watch what Rosie does to help you get some great cleaning tips from a robot.

Family Affair

Mr. French on Family Affair seemed to do it all.  He was the butler to Bill Davis, a single man that lived in Manhattan. When Bill's brother died and his three children showed up at his door, Mr. French was the one who took over and helped make the adjustments of having three children added to the house. He taught the children to help with the household chores instead of constantly picking up after them. This helped keep the house clean, and gave the kids some responsibility.

When you get tired of cleaning your house, sit down and watch one or more of these television shows. After watching these maids and butlers, you will find that cleaning house can be fun. (For more information on maids and cleaners, contact Home Maid Cleaning Service)