Purchasing a new energy efficient furnace makes a lot of sense. What bad can you really say about a new furnace? Not much. However, for many homeowners, the purchase of a new energy efficient model isn't exactly a purchase their budget can afford. Fortunately, this doesn't mean they don't get to experience some of the benefits of these units. There are actually some updates or heating repairs you can do to your existing furnace to increase its efficiency.

Install a new Thermostat

Consider installing a new thermostat on your existing unit. Older thermostats typically only allow you to set a single temperature. Once this temperature is achieved, the unit powers off, only to repeat this cycle whenever the temperature inside your home drops below the desired setting. Newer, more modern, thermostats give you greater control. Most of these models come with a programmable feature.

You set the temperature you want your home to be maintained at based on the time of the day or day of the week. For example, you could set the thermostat lower during the day on the weekdays since your home won't be occupied and have a higher temperature setting for the evening hours. This will prevent your unit from coming on as frequently during the day, preserving energy and keeping your usage cost lower.

Ductwork Insulation

In many older homes, even if the ductwork has a solid seal, chances are that the ductwork has not been insulated. Without insulation this can account for a significant amount of heat loss, translating into wasted energy. Since your ductwork likely runs through a crawl space or your attic, the lost heat ends up trapped in these areas instead of being on the lower levels of your home, keeping you warm.

Ductwork insulation helps ensure that the heat generated by your furnace actually makes it into your home. Without this heat loss, your unit can achieve your desired temperature faster. The shorter the amount of time your unit has to work, the less energy that needs to be used. Even if you had ductwork insulation installed in the past, it might be a good idea to have it inspected to see if a replacement is necessary.

A heating repair technician can help you turn your existing furnace into a more energy efficient model. This won't just save you on installation costs, but the reduced energy bills will also be a welcomed benefit.