Drought has affected many regions of the United States. If you've been affected by the drought, you may be rethinking your landscaping right now. Some cities affected by drought have implemented water rationing requirements, which means you're limited in the amount of water you can give your plants. Drought doesn't mean you have to let your plants and grass die. Here are a few tips to help you keep your yard looking beautiful during a drought.

Spread the Mulch

Take a look at your gardens. If you can see dirt, you're probably wasting water. Exposed soil dries out faster than soil that has a protective layer. Keep your soil moist by applying a thick layer of mulch in all your gardens. You'll use less water, while keeping your soil wet and your plants hydrated.

Let Your Grass Grow

To keep your grass green during a drought, let it grow taller. The shorter your grass is, the more water it will need. That's because short grass exposes the delicate root system. Keeping your grass longer – and mowing your lawn less often – will improve the root system, which will reduce the amount of water your lawn needs.

Switch to Sprinklers

You may think that watering your yard with a garden hose is saving water. But, if you're using a hose instead of automatic sprinklers, you might be wasting water. Here are several ways that automatic sprinklers can help keep your grass green during a drought.

  • Provide for an even distribution of water – all your grass receives the right amount of water
  • Can be adjusted to the shape of your yard – no watering your sidewalks or driveway
  • Programmable – so you can set your sprinklers to operate on specific days

Aerate Your Yard

If your soil is not properly aerated, the water you're applying to your lawn may not be making it all the way down to the root system. Soil that is too tightly compressed cannot receive the proper amount of water. If you don't want to rent an aerator, get some aerator shoes. They resemble cleats with long spikes you can use to aerate your lawn as you walk around your yard.

Be sure to walk back and forth in vertical and horizontal lines across your entire lawn. The shoes will make holes in your lawn, which will allow air and water to filter through to the root system. Repeat the process once a week to keep your lawn properly aerated.

You don't have to let your landscaping die just because you're living under drought conditions. Use these simple steps to keep your yard looking beautiful with less water.