Prospective buyers of real estate sometimes form an initial impression of a property based solely on visual appearance. Property owners with a home listed for sale can increase the level of interest in their property by creating and maintaining a visual quality referred to as curb appeal.

Begin by walking out to the road or street in front of your home for sale. Take an objective look at your property and try to evaluate its appearance from the perspective of a buyer. Consider the sights that a buyer would see if they were to drive to your house, park their vehicle, and walk up to your front door.

Mailbox and house numbers

Make sure that your specific street number is easily differentiated from those of your neighbors. A visitor should be able to immediately see your address number from the street. If you have a mailbox, ensure that your number is on the box if the number is not prominently displayed elsewhere.

Concrete walkway

Concrete walkways sometimes develop small cracks over the course of several years. You don't necessarily have to mix sand and cement to perform small repairs. Replacement filler material, such as epoxy cement, provides for relatively easy repairs. A uniform appearance across the surface of the sidewalk is less likely to create a momentary distraction as a visitor approaches your front door.


Continuous attention to the ongoing growth of shrubbery is necessary while your house is listed for sale. Various bushes grow at different rates, quickly leading to an unkempt appearance if not trimmed. The timely maintenance of shrubbery is essential to ensure that the view from the street remains clean and unobstructed.

Yard contents

While you are out in front of your house, look for any personal items in your yard that should be placed away in storage. Items that are used outside on a regular basis may be fine where they are. Other items that seem out of place are best stored away so that a potential buyer focuses attention on the house itself.

Maximizing the visual appeal of your property is not just for physical visitors. An image of your home is likely to be included online at the website of your real estate agency. Although there may be several images, most online listings include one particular image to showcase the front of a home.

Maintaining attractive curb appeal helps ensure that a prospective buyer has serious intentions when knocking on your front door. Contact an agency such as Felte Real Estate for more information about listing and selling your home.