Working on DIY projects with your kids is a special way to spend time together. Your children will love creating something amazing with you and these projects won't disappoint.

Fairy or Gnome House

Help your child build a home for a garden fairy or gnome with an inexpensive lantern, a few found items, and a lot of creativity.

Supplies: Lantern, paint, glue, needle and thread, cardboard, twigs, buttons, fabric scraps, and other assorted items that can be turned into furniture.


  1. Remove the glass panes from the lantern. (You can buy cheap lanterns online for this project.)
  2. Paint the lantern any color you like or distress it by rubbing some sandpaper over the existing paint.
  3. Cut the cardboard to the size of the glass panes. Cover the cardboard with fabric and put them in the lantern in place of the glass. Leave the front opening empty to allow the garden fairy or gnome access to the house.
  4. Glue twigs to a large button to create a table. Turn a mint tin into a bed. Hand sew a small blanket and pillows for the bed. Continue creating furniture with your found items.
  5. Place your fairy or gnome house in your garden and wait for a new friend to move in.


Your child will love having their own terrarium in their room, especially if they made it.

Supplies: Mason jar with aerated lid, small rocks, potting soil for succulents, faux moss, sand, colored pebbles, shells, miniature plastic dinosaur or critter, and a small plant.


  1. Place a one and a half inch layer of rocks at the bottom of the jar. Add about 2 inches of potting soil on top of the rocks.
  2. Top with the faux moss or sand and sprinkle with the shells or colored pebbles.
  3. Add the plastic creature and a small succulent or two. (You may find that it's necessary to hot glue the creature to a few pebbles to keep it upright.)
  4. Place the terrarium in direct sunlight and water the base of the succulents every two weeks or when the soil is dry.

Discovery Bottles

Making these bottles is an entertaining rainy day activity and the bottles are a great addition to your car trip bag of toys. After the bottles are filled, children can play "I-spy" with the bottles.

Supplies: Plastic soda or juice bottles, hot glue, funnel, rice, food coloring, small toys, beads, buttons, and trinkets.


  1. Remove the stickers from the exterior of the bottle. Clean and thoroughly dry the bottle.
  2. Color the rice by pouring a few cups of rice in a bowl and adding a couple of drops of food coloring. Mix the rice and food coloring and set aside to dry.
  3. Add the toys, beads, buttons, and trinkets to the rice. Using a funnel, pour the rice into the bottle.
  4. Screw on the bottle cap and use hot glue to seal the top.

With just a few inexpensive or upcycled supplies, you and your children can spend some creative time together. So, get out your glue gun and start crafting!