Blinds are the ideal choice for the busy pet parent. Not only are they less likely to collect dust, fur, and dander, but they are also extremely easy to clean. Still, that doesn't mean that they are entirely without fault. There are some issues that even a conscientious pet owner may run into. Here are a few tips for ensuring that your blinds are able to keep up with your four-legged family.

Use Bitter Sprays to Dissuade Chewing

One of the biggest problem with blinds is chewing. And it's not just dogs -- cats love to chew on the edges of things, too. A bitter spray such as "Bitter Apple" will make the experience unpleasant enough that they will stop. Spray the bottom and the edges of your horizontal blinds daily for a few weeks. Just make sure that you test this out in a discrete spot if you're purchasing cloth blinds or blinds that might otherwise stain. 

Purchase Thicker Horizontal Blinds

If you're going to go with horizontal blinds, it's important to get thicker ones. The thin, easily bent horizontal blinds aren't going to last long -- especially if you have cats. Look for wooden blinds or very thick vinyl. These are resilient enough that your pets will be able to poke their noses through without any permanent damage over time.

Avoid Connection Strings on the Bottom

Some longer vertical blinds come with a connection string at the very bottom, designed to ensure that the blind operates smoothly. Though these are great for convenience, they're terrible when it comes to cats and dogs -- they will readily tangle themselves within the blinds and potentially damage them. Though you may find yourself having to straighten out your blinds more often, it's worth it to forego this perk.

Don't Go for Bright White

Not only does bright white often look sterile, but it's going to show where your pets rub up against them. Even the cleanest pet is going to leave some streaks at head level eventually, no matter how often you clean. An off-white color or cream color is going to hide any staining much more easily, in addition to making your room look warmer and more friendly.

You can also ask your blinds specialist about the best and most resilient options. Many blinds today come with ten-year or twenty-year warranties, so you can feel safe with your investment. Even though there may be some minor complications, it's still by far more convenient than draperies. Contact a company like Spotless Shade & Blind CO for more information.