Statistics show hard water exists in more than 85 percent of the United States. With such a high number, it is normal to wonder why people make such a big deal out of purchasing a water softener. Is having hard water really that problematic?

Say Goodbye to Soft, Comfortable, and Long Lasting Clothing

If you are washing your laundry in hard water, you can kiss having soft, comfortable, and long lasting clothing goodbye. The hardness minerals in the water combine with the soils in your clothing and make it more difficult to actually get the clothing clean. Hard water also leaves your clothing feeling rough and scratchy. Your clothing can start to develop a funky odor, and the hard water even damages the fibers enough to shorten the lifespan of the clothing too.

Say Hello to a Sticky Film of Soap Scum

Taking a bath or shower with hard water is going to result in a sticky film of soap scum being left behind on your skin and in your hair. This film will make it difficult for you to get all of the bacteria and soil off of your body while you are showering or bathing. If your skin is sensitive, it may even result in irritation. The film of soap scum even results in dull and lifeless hair that is impossible to manage.

Say Goodbye to Your Plumbing

Hard water will result in calcium and magnesium minerals (lime scale deposits) building up all over your plumbing system. The more the deposits build up, the harder it will become for the water to continue to flow through your plumbing system. This results in a less than ideal water pressure, increased water bill, and all sorts of plumbing problems. Your entire plumbing system will have to work harder to push the water past the deposit build-up which results in different aspects of your plumbing to wear out and need replaced sooner than they should have.

Say Hello to Gross-Looking Dishes

The hard water is going to have the same soap scum impact on your dishes that it has on your skin. For example, if you run a load of dishes through the dishwasher – they are going to come out with water spots and soap scum residue all over them. To make problems worse, the dishes will require a good and manual scrubbing to get the film of soap scum off of them. While the dishes aren't technically dirty, they are likely to make your food and beverages taste and smell like soap.

As you can see, installing a water softener will have a positive impact on so much more than just your drinking water. Everything from your clothes to your dishes to your own skin will benefit from making the decision to install a water softener. Contact a company like Johnson Water Conditioning for more information.