If you would like to clean and repaint your gate's vintage iron hardware, then you will be pleased to know that this is a simple project that you can complete in an afternoon. Follow these steps to revitalize your gate's hardware and have it looking new in no time:

Step 1: Remove All of the Hardware from the Gate

To clean and repaint your gate's hardware, you first need to remove the hardware from the gate. While you may be tempted to leave it in place while you work on this project, this is ill advised. Removing the hardware makes the process go more smoothly and keeps your fence protected from excess paint overspray. To remove the hardware, you will need to use the appropriate style of screwdriver. Make sure you set aside the screws in a safe place so that they do not get lost.

Step 2: Remove Any Paint from the Gate's Hardware

If your gate's hardware has been painted, then you need to remove the paint. The easiest way to remove old paint from metal is to place the hardware in a pot of boiling water that has a few drops of dishwashing liquid in it. The dishwashing soap will loosen the old paint and the agitation from the boiling water will gently remove the flakes of paint.

Step 3: Remove Any Rust from the Gate's Hardware

If your gate's hardware was not painted and has rusted in the weather, then you need to scrub it with a metal brush to remove all of the rust. Rust removal is essential because any lingering rust will spread and eventually eat through the hardware.

Step 4: Clean the Hardware and Prepare it for Paint

Once the gate's hardware has been treated for rust and any old paint has been removed, then you need to rub it down using a tacky cloth. The tacky cloth will remove any dust, dirt, or rust particles will get trapped under your new paint and cause problems later as the hardware is once again exposed to the elements.

Step 5: Repaint the Hardware Using a Metal Paint

Finally, you should paint your gate's hardware using a paint that is specifically designed for use on metal. The best option is a spray paint such as Rustoleum that is formulated to prevent future problems with rust and is designed to adhere well to the iron surface without peeling or cracking. 

For more tips, contact a company like The Rustic Express.