Every year when Thanksgiving rolls around, it may seem like your kitchen is never big enough to handle the preparation and cooking that comes with a large family feast. Relying on traditional kitchen appliances can limit your ability to cook and serve large portions for everyone. The whole process can be made a lot easier if you consider appliances that are made for restaurants rather than kitchens. Restaurant appliances and equipment are made to handle large orders and huge quantities of food. Purchasing the proper pieces of equipment can help the items blend into your kitchen more and provide you with an ideal way to serve up food to family and guests. Browse through this list of appliance ideas to help you brainstorm and prepare for a whole day of cooking.

Soup Kettles

Soup kettles provide a great way to keep Thanksgiving sauces and liquids warm before serving on your holiday platters. Even if you're not serving any type of soup, the kettles are a great way to enjoy hassle-free liquid items. For example, you can keep turkey broth warm and simmering inside of a soup kettle. It is also ideal for holding gravy. Instead of wasting a pot on the stove, the kettle can hold the liquid item and keep it out of the way while you prepare other meal elements.

Food Warming Stations

When you're ready to serve the whole Thanksgiving meal, it can be a hassle to ensure that everything is properly heated up and at an ideal serving temperature. Before you start shuffling everything in and out of a microwave, you should consider the purchase of a small food warming station. These stations provide easy ways to place vegetables, casseroles, and side dishes under a heat lamp so that it is fresh and ready to serve when the turkey is. Food warming stations are also ideal for reheating food that may have been prepped the night before.

Conveyor Belt Pizza Oven

Small conveyor belt ovens are typically used by restaurants to cook pizzas quickly. While the turkey takes up a majority of space inside your own oven, you can easily bake side dishes or desserts inside a conveyor belt oven. The best part about these ovens is that the pan of food comes out the other side when it's done. You do not need to worry about overcooking or burning items as much.

Countertop Ranges

Shuffling around pots and pans all day on Thanksgiving may feel like a puzzle or game rather than actually cooking. Expand your cooking space by purchasing countertop ranges. A single range or a dual range can go a long way in supplying you with extra elements to cook on. The ranges often run on electric power, allowing you to plug in the appliance and get started on cooking right away.

Every Thanksgiving meal is different, so it's a good idea to choose the appliances that best fits your family size and cooking schedule.