Electrical power is one of the first things to go when major storms hit. Unfortunately, this tends to cripple the activities of the typical family, as well as putting them at an elevated level of risk. A standby generator can do wonders to alleviate such risk. If you would like to learn more about how a standby generator can help you in an emergency, read on. This article will present four distinct benefits. 

Allowing Safe Movement

Most people have become so used to the convenience of electrical lighting that they forget how difficult it can be to navigate a house in the dark. From avoiding obstacles to making it down the stairs, everything is tougher without lights. The risks are especially pronounced for elderly individuals, as well as those with pre-existing mobility restrictions. A standby generator means that you won't have to worry about stumbling, tripping, or falling the next time your power goes out at night.

Keeping Medical Equipment Powered

Electrically powered medical devices such as CPAP machines, stair lifts, and nebulizers are an increasingly common feature in many homes. Because such devices are often of vital importance, many contain back-up batteries. Yet it can be difficult to ensure that such batteries are always fully charged--or will have enough power to outlast the longest of storms. Having a standby generator means you can rest easy about the safety of those who rely on electrical medical devices.  

Preventing Pipes From Freezing

A winter power outage presents even more potential for disaster. Not only do you have to worry about keeping your family warm enough, but you also have to ensure that your pipes don't freeze. Otherwise you will be left without running water--and with a very expensive problem to fix once things thaw out. Having a standby generator on hand means you will be able to keep your home warm enough to prevent this problem from occurring.

Avoiding Flooded Basements

Those who live in flood-prone areas generally equip their basements with sump pumps. These handy appliances act to displace unwanted water, thus keeping flood from wreaking havoc inside of the house. Unfortunately, a sump pump won't be good for much without a source of power. That means, should the storm in question include above average amounts of precipitation, you may find yourself dealing with a flooded basement on top of it all. But with a standby generator, you can ensure that your sump pump remains fully powered and capable of keeping your home dry.

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