Black-eyed Susans, scarlet sage, and baby's breath are just a few of the wildflower varieties that Texas is noted for. Bring a loved one's memory back to the town in Texas where they grew up by presenting them with a planting kit that will allow them to cultivate flowers outdoors or in a tray that can be set up along a windowsill.

All Of The Materials Needed

A Texas gift set that includes a wildflower seed mix, potting soil, fertilizer, a covered tray, and a small spade will get your loved one started on their next growing project. Because wildflowers don't require a lot of care once they have sprouted, the results attained from a planting kit will be quite satisfying. Flowers that are growing outdoors will attract butterflies, birds, and bees and will add vibrant colors to a lawn or to a plot that has been prepared especially for the project.

For the indoor grower who is attempting to brighten up a kitchen or a bedroom, seeds can be sprinkled across soil that has been added to a planting tray and will only require occasional watering sessions. If you aren't certain about the intended recipient's favorite flower types, purchase a wildflower seed mix that contains seeds for many flower varieties and purchase a Texas flower identification handbook to aid your loved one in naming the flowers that they acquire.

Some Additional Accessories To Make The Gift Special

A planting kit will make a thoughtful birthday or anniversary gift, but you may want to make the gift more personal by purchasing some additional accessories that are geared toward an interest your loved one has. If they enjoy spending time relaxing on their patio and you envision them planting the seeds near the area they sit, giving them a pair of binoculars or a couple of birdfeeders will encourage her to watch the wildlife that comes into contact with her flower collection.

For indoor use of the planting set, your loved one may appreciate being able to clip the stems of some of the flowers to create beautiful bouquets that can be enjoyed while dining. Purchase a vase that contains a picture of the Texas flag or another picture that is representative of the area where your family member grew up. Use tissue paper to line the bottom and sides of a large gift bag, and set the planting kit and accessories inside of the bag. 

To learn more, contact a resource like the Texas State Preservation Board.