Deciding to change the current windows for newer and more efficient ones will bring you massive benefits. New window designs have double or triple panes and inert gas in between. They are excellent in insulating the home against heat loss from the outside. The new windows make the home more attractive and add to its resale value. But you have to install the windows properly if you want to gain all these benefits. Here are some of the most common window installation mistakes people make and how professionals can help deal with them. 

Improper Caulking

When you attach the window pane to the frame, you use an adhesive to ensure it sticks. Caulk resembles clay but is a little more malleable than clay and excellent in sealing the gaps on the window during the installation. If you install the caulk poorly, you interfere with its effectiveness. Most of the issues with the caulking result from the rushed installation and improper surface preparation and cleaning before and after adding the caulk. You should hire a professional to put the caulk in place for the best outcome. 

Issues With Opening and Closing

Your windows should open and close without issues if the person handling the installation did it well. The opening and the closing issue might go unnoticed for a while, especially if you installed the windows during the cold season when metal structures contract in the cold. When the summer heat starts, your windows will expand more than they should, leading to sticking. In some cases, they might completely fail to open or shut. You should assess the frames for mechanical damage that complicates the movement of the parts. 

The Presence of Fog Between the Panes

Your windows should not feature fog between the glass panes. If yours look wet, even when there is no rain, it is time to hire an expert to determine what could have gone wrong during the installation. The fog could be due to structural inconsistencies or mistakes during the installation process. 

Water Damage and Drafts

Drafts indicate that the windows have poor sealing, which is a DIY installation problem. You can tell if your windows have a draft by standing close to one to assess whether you feel a breeze. The presence of water inside the house also points to a faulty installation.

Get a window installation contractor, like Top of The Trades, to assess all these issues happening after a faulty window installation. With their help, you can get superior quality replacement windows and an energy-efficient and beautiful home.