An awning may be the perfect addition to your home's exterior because it can provide shade and protect you from many different weather elements. If you plan to set up this structure yourself, be sure to follow these key guidelines. 

Scout Your Property for the Perfect Location

The first order of business with a residential awning installation on the exterior is to choose a setup location. What area on the outside of your home could use this structure? You'll want to carefully scan your home to find a suitable place that you won't have any regrets about.

It might be an area where you spend most of your time in the backyard or by a particular element that you want to look at all the time. Once you find this location, you can wrap your head around the preparations you'll need to take care of for a successful awning installation.

Identify an Appropriate Height and Mark It

After you find a suitable location for an exterior awning, you need to mark the height at which it will be installed. It's important to get this assessment right so that you have a successful installation, but also to ensure you can safely use said system on a consistent basis.

For instance, the awning needs to be tall enough to where you can stand under it without hitting your head. It might also need to be tall enough to accommodate backyard decor and accessories. After ample assessments that pinpoint an appropriate height, you can mark it and subsequently know where mounting hardware needs to go.

Work with a Partner

Setting up a residential awning on the exterior of your property will involve several different steps, and it's important you complete them all with help from a partner. Then you won't be prone to major mistakes, such as hurting yourself or not lining the awning up evenly to where it looks great.

Your partner can also help support the awning when you're ready to mount it via brackets. Even if the awning is relatively lightweight, extra support helps you enjoy a smooth installation that's free of accidents.

If you invested money in a residential exterior awning for your home, make sure you plan its installation carefully. Things like finding a suitable location and getting help from someone can help you complete this setup without running into a bunch of stressful and costly roadblocks.

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