Weeds can make your yard look ugly. They crowd out grass, so if you kill them, they might leave a bare or brown spot in your yard. If you're always fighting weeds, or if you've given up because weeds have taken over, consider calling a weed control service. Here's what they can do. 

Apply Herbicide That Keeps Weeds From Sprouting

An important time to use a weed control service is in the spring before your yard starts growing grass and weeds. Pre-emergent herbicide kills weeds before they sprout, so the treatment allows your grass to get off to a healthy start while killing back weeds.

While a pre-emergent is an important part of weed control, it's not the only type of treatment your yard may need since weed seeds can land in your yard any time during the spring and summer. That's why you may want to get regular treatments from a weed control service.

Kill Weeds Throughout The Growing Season

A post-emergent herbicide is used on weeds once they sprout up in your yard. The weed control service might spread the herbicide over your yard or just target individual weeds. They're careful to use herbicides that won't hurt your grass. They may also need to target the herbicide to the type of weeds you have. A broad-spectrum herbicide might be used instead that works on several types of weeds.

The weed control service can identify the type of weeds growing in your yard. They also understand when different types of weeds pose a threat to your grass based on their lifecycle. Having a professional who understands weeds is important for controlling weeds that threaten the beauty of your grass.

The weed control service will discuss how often to treat your yard for weeds. It could depend on how lush and healthy your grass is. Lush grass is a type of natural weed control, so you might not need treatments as often as you would if your yard is recovering from being taken over by weeds.

The weed control service may also provide fertilizer treatments when needed or advise you when to add them so your grass is as healthy as possible. Keeping grass healthy fills in bare spots so weeds can't get started. Plus, a lush lawn is attractive, especially when there are no weeds to be seen.

A weed control service can work with you to provide the services you need at the frequency you desire. Even if you just want a pre-emergent treatment to prevent weeds or a post-emergent treatment to kill weeds, and no scheduled treatments, a professional service can help.